Barbara Beauregard

Usui/Tibetan and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher

I began my Reiki journey in 1996, it has been  an awesome and healing experience.  It wasn't long after my first level training  that I realized how others benefited from Reiki when they were having health issues. Friends and co workers also noticed  and would ask if I would to do Reiki on them and their animals. After taking my Level Three Reiki I thought I was content, but as fate has its ways of presenting itself, I was given the opportunity to take my Usui Master/Teacher level with Reiki Master William Lee Rand. I am still  amazed at  how Reiki continues to make such a impact on  the people and animals that received it. In  2012 I received my Master/Teacher training in Karuna Reiki. 

I truly feel I have been blessed with having such opportunities to help others and to learn more about my own healing and growth. I believe I am a seeker of learning and want to continue to grow and expand my insights and understandings in areas of  Reiki, healing touch, the chakra system, the use of the labyrinth, along with other modalities. 

I  worked for 33 years in a health care  system and I believe that my true  passion in life  is  helping others. The opportunity to share in the Reiki experience with others has been an awesome blessing. Reiki is such  a wonderful tool to have throughout your life's journey. I have witnessed it's ability to empower others many times and I believe and trust that it will  also empower  you. Blessings of gratitude.